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About Denise

Hey there!

Thank you SO much for visiting my site.


I am a qualified Holistic Kinesiologist and a mother of three children.

My background had been in education (ex primary teacher) and fitness (ex aerobics) many years ago, but I had always been interested in natural therapies.


About Denise from Better Life Kinesiology                        About Denise from Better Life Kinesiology                       About Denise from Better Life Kinesiology


I first became drawn to kinesiology because of its association with emotions and physical illnesses.

The more I became involved with this therapy the more fascinating I found it.


I had been suffering from ‘sore hips’ for about 10 years, it was more like an arthritis feeling.

I also had these physical symptoms at a very stressful time in my life, when my husband and I had a business and  3 small children. Stress on all levels!


After seeing a range of other therapists about my aching hips, (Western and Eastern therapies) I went to a Kinesiologist.

After 3 sessions, the pain disappeared and has never returned! Never returned! I couldn’t believe it. I had this issue for 10 years!


My body had had this underlying ‘stress’ over the 10 years which manifested into physical symptoms!! I am not a stress head at all, but I had held this low lying stress from my daily experiences for the ten years. Once I acknowledged and cleared the stress from my body, the symptoms left me! The outside ‘stressors’ were still there but I cleared a lot of other things around my life which soothed my mind and body. It was amazing!!

This left such an impression on me I had to go and study it! This therapy is life changing!


Many of us are walking around with some LOW LYING STRESS in our bodies from some present or past negative experience that is contributing to some issue we have TODAY!! We feel ok generally but can’t explain why we have a particular issue!


I have seen hundreds of clients who have told me that kinesiology has worked for them. In kinesiology, emotions play a huge part of  what’s going on in the body. Negative emotions from the past often linger around in your body, stopping you from being your true self – your healthy, peaceful, content self.


About Denise from Better Life Kinesiology About Denise from Better Life Kinesiology About Denise from Better Life Kinesiology About Denise from Better Life Kinesiology About Denise from Better Life Kinesiology

Kinesiology helps to clear these emotions and replace them with positive empowering emotions. The interesting thing is, that we find, that when you change how you are thinking and feeling, others around you change as well.


Kinesiology is an energetic medicine. We are all made of energy, (you can google that) in fact we are a complex network of energy systems. As kinesiology is an energetic medicine and we are made of energy, it makes sense to treat with energy techniques.


Kinesiology is so versatile, it helps with a range of conditions.  Lately I’ve been mainly seeing woman, (although there are of course men), aged 30-55 who come in with relationship issues, anxiety, family stress, fertility issues or trying to achieve goals but seem to be ‘stuck’.


I so look forward to working with people who want to start focusing on themselves and start having the life they want. It’s not indulgence! It is your absolute rite.

To live FEELING your best helps you be a better person, and a better mum, dad, friend, boss, worker, partner or contributor in today’s world! But especially just do it for you!





Qualifications Details

  • Diploma of Kinesiology ACCM
  • B.Ed VIC Uni
  • Registered with the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists – AIK
  • Insured by Insurance House Group – IHG

Latest Review

I am writing to tell you there is hope and there is a chance to find peace! Denise and her beautiful energy and the healing power of kinesiology have changed and continue to change my life.

For as long as I can remember I have felt an uneasiness within myself, a feeling that wherever I was I didn't fit in. Whether it was with family, friends, school or work. I always felt as if I didn't belong. I wasn't funny enough, pretty enough, smart enough, never enough. I was always hard on myself with constant negative self talk about how I could be better. Get a better job, be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. If I do this then I will be valued, will I be loved? How difficult it is to find peace or contentment within ourselves when we replay in our minds and constantly remind ourselves of how we aren't good enough.

If we also stop to think for a moment that we may also be carrying with us the pain and heartaches from our ancestors or perhaps from previous lives. What hope is there for finding happiness when we carry these burdens with us?

I am no longer haunted by thoughts pushing me to do more or be more. I am enough. I do belong. Whatever I am doing and wherever I am, that is where I am meant to be. I am less anxious and I am finding improvements in all areas of my life.

I am extremely grateful for the healing and would recommend kinesiology to everybody!

– Angela
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LiebeWellness 258 Maribynong rd Moonee Ponds 3039
Mobile: 0413999073
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