Meet Denise

Denise is a holistic Kinesiologist (since 2009) and ex primary school teacher. She lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and 3 grown up children.

She personally experienced Kinesiology about 15 years ago when she had a ‘few’ stresses in her life. After the first session she was hooked! She was not only fascinated by this energy therapy, she realized it could be life transforming.

She was amazed at everything the Kinesiologist ‘knew’ about her from just a couple of muscle tests. After the session, she felt so much clearer, calmer and more empowered.

Denise was so enthralled by this healing modality that she decided to study Kinesiology herself.

Kinesiology is an energy therapy, which helps take the ‘stress’ out of the body. The issues, situations or stresses in people’s lives affect their physical and mental health and create blocks to achieving their goals.

She is particularly passionate in helping people become aware of the power that they have themselves in self-healing and changing their own reality.

3 random facts about Denise

She owns an egg farm called ‘Cracking Eggs’ with her family. They have 3,500 pasture raised chickens!

She secretly loves lying in the sun reading. It energizes her. (Hat on of course!)

She loves French Champagne and tea and soda stream water!

“Kinesiology has helped me through many challenging times in my life. In particular, dealing with stress in my career and with relationship issues. After a session with Denise, I usually view my situation with a different and more positive perspective. Information that comes out during the balance totally validates my feelings and physical health. I leave with clarity, energy and focus. I find my mental and physical health improve after a session and I feel more relaxed and centred.”



” My whole well being has improved dramatically. I have a lot more energy and feel a lot more confident. Denise is so in tune with the mind and body on many levels.

Everything in my life is moving forward in a positive way. I look forward to seeing Denise genuinely knowing I will always walk out feeling so much better and in a space that is both vibrant and peaceful. I cannot thank Denise enough for how wonderful she makes me feel. “



“I am writing to tell you there is hope and there is a chance to find peace! Denise and her beautiful energy and the healing power of kinesiology have changed and continue to change my life.

For as long as I can remember I have felt an uneasiness within myself, a feeling that wherever I was I didn’t fit in. Whether it was with family, friends, school or work. I always felt as if I didn’t belong. I wasn’t funny enough, pretty enough, smart enough, never enough. I was always hard on myself with constant negative self talk about how I could be better. Get a better job, be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. If I do this then I will be valued, will I be loved? How difficult it is to find peace or contentment within ourselves when we replay in our minds and constantly remind ourselves of how we aren’t good enough.

I am no longer haunted by thoughts pushing me to do more or be more. I am enough. I do belong. Whatever I am doing and wherever I am, that is where I am meant to be. I am less anxious and I am finding improvements in all areas of my life.I am extremely grateful for the healing and would recommend kinesiology to everybody!”


“I began seeing Denise for Kinesiology while I was undergoing chemotherapy. Her calm approach, kindness and sensitivity put me at ease immediately. This holistic therapy was exactly what I needed to help me deal with both the physical and emotional effects of the chemotherapy. I would leave each session feeling calm, clear and so much better than when I arrived. I finished my treatment 10 months ago but still see Denise for the occasional ‘tune up’.

Thanks so much Denise, your Kinesiology sessions continue to work wonders for me!

I highly recommend Denise and the treatment she provides.”