Hi, Im Denise

Hi, Im Denise

Are you ready to change your reality? THEN it’s time to change your energy!

I help people like you, clear blocks and stress from your body, so you can achieve your goals. Goals to health, relationships, success, peace and contentment.

I am a holistic Kinesiologist

I am a holistic Kinesiologist

and author of ‘How to Raise Good Vibe Children – and raise your own vibration too’.

Your body knows exactly what’s going on with you. Why things are happening and what needs to be done to help CHANGE YOUR ENERGY AND YOUR REALITY.

I support and guide you into changing your energy and raising your vibration, so you can attract more of what you do want in your life. Good health, success and contentment.

I can help align and balance your body, clear and heal the negative beliefs and emotions, that are STOPPING you from BEING YOUR BEST SELF.

You’ve been thinking and thinking and talking and talking about wanting something to change, so let’s do better than that.  Let’s make an ENERGY SHIFT. That will do it!

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” Before my first session I had struggled with PND and looking after my son on my own with anxiety OCD, I now can manage the anxiety and feel HUGE improvement in my mental and physical well being! I definitely would recommend kinesiology for anyone suffering from anxiety! “



“I love my kinesiology sessions with Denise – she is a miracle worker!!  I am a fairly highly strung person but since seeing Denise (about 2 years now), I have mellowed considerably  and have a constant calmness in my life which both myself and my family are grateful for!! If I hadn’t experienced it for myself, I wouldn’t have believed it – I’ve tried many methods to try and de-stress, all to no avail, so a big THANKYOU to Denise for allowing me to live a semi normal life again!!”



“This treatment is unfamiliar to westerners BUT it works AND better than other treatments. WHY? Because while attempting to change your own human behaviours e.g.: addictions/habits, depression, anxiety, weight issues, relationship issues this treatment heals you on an ENERGY level. This means that you walk out FEELING better immediately AND without the distress other treatments bring on e.g.: counselling. In less than one week you experience FEELING more aligned within yourself. This brings immediate clarity and security about yourself. You simply DON’T keep experiencing the same dreaded ‘Gound-Hogs-Day’ inside yourself.
I’ve used this with Denise across one year. It has been life changing. It altered my inner traps with ease. Try it. It’s NOT a hit-or-miss-treatment.It WORKS. Remember YOU are the one worth investing IN/SIDE!”



“Denise has helped me tremendously through kinesiology. Kinesiology has helped me identify and  let go of key issues in my life that had been weighing me down for many years. Denise has also helped me a great deal with my anxiety and I now feel as though I can deal with it on a daily basis without that worry in the back of my mind.I walk out of each session feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and would definitely recommend Denise to anyone who would like to experience kinesiology”



“Denise and her beautiful energy and the healing power of kinesiology have changed and continue to change my life.”


“Kinesiology has helped me deal with grief, old behaviour patterns and pressures of everyday life. Focus and direction becomes crystal clear! Denise is able to help put everything back into perspective when I feel like I am not coping anymore. I walk out of our sessions feeling calmer and balanced. With more energy and confidence, I am feeling ready to tackle what life throws at me. Thanks so much Denise.”


Graphic Designer 45

Kinesiology has helped me through many challenging times in my life. In particular, dealing with stress in my career and with relationship issues. After a session with Denise, I  view my situation with a different and more positive perspective. Information that comes out during the balance totally validates my feelings and physical health. I leave with clarity, energy and focus. I find my mental and physical health improve after a session and I feel more relaxed and centred.


Midwife 29

Let's make an ENERGY SHIFT

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