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Last Nights Online Energy Healing Sesh!

July 21, 2021

Hi there! Some people couldn’t make the time last night, so here is the link if you’d like to download! Focusing on these goals to achieve. ‘I believe in myself, I know what is right for me, I accept my self, I am accepted, I am good enough, I am successful, I connect to […]

Kinesiology Guided Energy Healing Session Tonight! Tuesday 20th 8.00-8.30pm

July 19, 2021

Hey Lovely How are you going? Just a quick one, Kinesiology Guided Energy Healing Session TONIGHT! Tues 20th July  8.00-8.30pm AEST (via zoom) Cost $15 Limited numbers! Click here to join! So with this session, sit or lie in a comfortable space by yourself and be ready to be guided into a healing experience. Our […]

Guided Energy Healing Session Tuesday(tomorrow night 8.00pm aest)

July 11, 2021

Hi Lovely! Welcome! How are you going? I’m running our zoom Kinesiology Guided Energy Healing Session again tomorrow at 8.00pm! Click here to join! Come along and rest and re-balance your body, mind and spirit. It sounds like a cliche, that trilogy, but our every day stresses, bothers or irritations do upset the energy balance […]

Reminder Energy Healing Session!

July 4, 2021

Hey Lovely Just a reminder about tomorrow nights Energy Healing Session via zoom. Details:- When: Tuesday 6th July 8.00-8.25pm Cost: $15 Click here to join More info here too! See you there! Cheers Denise x

New Zoom Guided Energy Healings!

June 29, 2021

Hey All, How are you going? Due to popular demand! …., I’m running New Guided Energy Healing Sessions via Zoom over the next 7 weeks. $15/session. Do one or do them all! This is great if you can’t get to a kinesiology balance or a healing therapist session during your busy week! Time is next […]

So I saw a lady the other day in clinic.

June 2, 2021

She came to me after going to her chiro, physio, GP, blood tests and then had a total body MRI to see what was causing the pain and throbbing in her left hip. They thought it might be arthritis or something sinister as she had had a few melanomas cut out over the years, but […]

How to get rid of negative thoughts, mind chatter and stress naturally!

April 28, 2021

Hey Lovely! How have you been? I’m running my online course again focusing on clearing our unwanted negative thoughts! See if this resonates with you! Is your mind always ‘busy’ with chatter and negative talk? Do you over think, running different scenarios in your head with different situations and people, trying to solve problems that […]

Unwanted Negative Thoughts!

April 7, 2021

Hey Lovely How are you going? Did you know it’s the thoughts that come first, then the emotions. A split second before the emotion was the thought. “Oh I THINK I’m going to die” Wham FEAR ‘OH I can’t do that, I’m too stupid” Bang SHAME “I think that’s really sad what happened” Boom GRIEF […]

Price increase!

March 23, 2021

Hey Lovely, How are you going? Just letting you know there’s a $5.00 increase to $150 a session with me in 2 weeks time! You can buy 3 sessions here for the old package price now, as I suggest it’s always good to have a few follow up sessions to consolidate your energy shift, […]

Calm your mind and body and notice the changes in your life! 5 spots left!

January 31, 2021

5 week Guided Energy Healing Transformation! Hi Everyone, starting tomorrow night (Tuesday 4th) 8.00pm! 5 spots left, register NOW! I don’t want you to miss out! Click here to SEE what’s included. This year I’m doing our guided energy healing in a 5 week block and there’s extra bonus’s too! Each week we have […]

Latest Review

I am writing to tell you there is hope and there is a chance to find peace! Denise and her beautiful energy and the healing power of kinesiology have changed and continue to change my life.

For as long as I can remember I have felt an uneasiness within myself, a feeling that wherever I was I didn't fit in. Whether it was with family, friends, school or work. I always felt as if I didn't belong. I wasn't funny enough, pretty enough, smart enough, never enough. I was always hard on myself with constant negative self talk about how I could be better. Get a better job, be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. If I do this then I will be valued, will I be loved? How difficult it is to find peace or contentment within ourselves when we replay in our minds and constantly remind ourselves of how we aren't good enough.

If we also stop to think for a moment that we may also be carrying with us the pain and heartaches from our ancestors or perhaps from previous lives. What hope is there for finding happiness when we carry these burdens with us?

I am no longer haunted by thoughts pushing me to do more or be more. I am enough. I do belong. Whatever I am doing and wherever I am, that is where I am meant to be. I am less anxious and I am finding improvements in all areas of my life.

I am extremely grateful for the healing and would recommend kinesiology to everybody!

– Angela
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