I’m not valued!

Hi Lovely

I’m not valued, is the most common negative belief, I see in people.

Everyone’s got it! EVERYONE.

Along with this other one.

I don’t value myself. (This one really surprises people) Surely I value myself!

But these go hand in hand.

When your reality shows you, that people are not valuing you, the other one has slipped in too.

Because, if you valued yourself, you would not let this happen, you would create clear boundaries.

You would say, no to the non valuers, you would step away, remove yourself, gig things around so that you would NOT allow people to NOT value you.

In some circumstances and time frames this is hard to initiate, BUT, put it on your AGENDA TO EVENTUALLY DO!

You know you have to.

Show your body that you value yourself by creating clear boundaries, because you are WORTH IT!!!

And when your body is vibrating at the belief that “I value myself, I value myself,” Then the belief of “I am valued will kick in.” Then watch the magic unfold.

You will be flooded with people valuing you.

You will be smiling to yourself thinking, omg all these people are tripping over themselves to appreciate me.

Who would have thought!

Have a great week, valuing yourself!

Denise x