Bare feet in the 70’s

Hi Lovely!

How are things?

If you were a kid in the 70’s, even the early 80’s, you would remember we all ran around outside with no shoes on! Gosh, we even rode our bikes in bare feet! (not condoning that though lol)

I think I even walked up to the ‘milk bar’ in bare feet, went inside with bare feet and came home with the milk and a bag of lollies in bare feet.

Everyone did it, it wasn’t a ‘can’t afford shoes situation’ it was just ‘being a kid’ situation.

We now know, that walking around in bare feet on the ground, means grounding or earthing! (Did we know that before?)

When you’re grounded to the earth, your body voltage drops instantly. This means the ‘dirty’ electricity that comes from electronics we use, is being balanced by the earths negative charge. (I’m loving this explanation!)

Also when your body is well grounded (or earthed) the rhythm of the stress hormone, cortisol, begins to normalize. Cortisol is connected to your body’s stress response and helps control blood sugar levels, regulates metabolism, helps reduce inflammation, and assists with memory formulation.

So get those shoes off!

This could be the answer to all of our problems! 🙂 Re-balance and re-charge our stress through our feet!

I’m also going to add, things that could also help us with de-stressing and balance (that WERE very 70’s) are, accepting situations, shaking things off, ‘taking no notice’ and being outdoors more often!

What do you think?

Have a good week!

Denise x

PS, I’m running a Sound Energy Healing circle down the West Coast at Fairhaven (near Anglesea) On Friday 12th April 11.00-12.15. Take the day off, have lunch and walk on the beach with no shoes!

Book here if you’re interested!