After a healing

Hey Lovely

How are things going?

After you have any type of healing, whether it be a massage at a day spa, seeing your psychologist, your therapist, an energy healer, kinesiologist  (anything that makes a shift in your perception,  reality, and makes you feel good), you still need to back it up with your own good feeling,  feelings and actions later on.

This is mainly got to do with your thoughts.

Try and regularly shift your thoughts to good feeling thoughts, (like your favorite holiday spot, or any thought that makes you feel good) a few times a day.  This will help keep your good vibe that you just renewed, up high!

Even when you are having a challenging day, and frustration or overwhelm start to rise, make an energy break, by taking a deep breath and then consciously flipping your thoughts, to good feeling thoughts.

Sometimes this is hard to do by yourself when you’re in the thick of things. It’s like  you need someone to prod you and say, ‘quick, good thought now!

(I may be able to help with that one day soon! I have an idea!)

Keeping your vibe up high with good thoughts, will change your life! You will start to notice that you are attracting more good things and the irritating things will start to disappear.

Have a good week!

Denise x