What are you telling yourself (subconsciously) everyday?

Hi Lovely

If things are happening to you (that you don’t want), or not happening to you (that you do want), what are you telling yourself every day?

Your reality comes from a BELIEF that you are saying.

This is subconscious.

The beliefs in our mind create our reality.

For example, if things don’t go your way, and you are never supported, there’s a belief there that you are saying to yourself (in your mind), I’m not supported, I’m not supported.

The reality then shows you, you’re not supported!

If your mind is continually saying I’m rejected, I’m rejected, you will be rejected.

If it’s saying I’m not defended I’m not defended, you won’t be defended.

If it’s saying I’m not valued, I’m not valued, you won’t be valued.

Clearly we need to say the opposite in order to re-jig our energy, but often that is hard to do because

(A) we don’t know what the actual negative belief is that we are saying anyway!


(B) it’s so hard to flip it, when our reality is showing us that negative situation!

Solution – work out, what the belief is, that you are telling yourself.

So, look at your situation. What AREN’T you getting from it that you want?

Is it, not being valued, not valuing yourself, not being supported, not supporting yourself, not being loved, not loving yourself, not belonging, not being heard, not being enough, not, not, not!?

Once you know your negative beleif, then flip the belief around to what you DO actually want to happen.

If you need help, kinesiology can work it out!

Have a good week!

Denise x