2022 How to Raise Good Vibe Children

Hey Team!

How are you going? It’s been too long!

I hope you had a bit of a break over the holiday season!

I’ve been away to Northern New South Wales and also Queensland, in Aus, so I’m totally satisfied! (Just a bit!)

Sooo, in the last lock down, I wrote a book!

Yes I did!

It’s in e-book form and also in hard copy on Amazon!

It’s called How To Raise Good Vibe Children!

I’d love you to check out the link, you can have a preview squiz there too!

I’m so pleased with it. Thanks to everyone who proof read and reviewed it before we published!

Also if you’re interested in the e-book version but don’t have a kindle, you can download a kindle app on your phone, it’s all really easy.

Anyway I’d love to get the Amazon algorhythm kick started, lol, so friends, how do I say “Get on it!”

It’s an informative read on the energy you are creating around yourself and others as well. Also towards the back of the book, there’s info on issues/illness and how we create them from the stresses in our lives. There’s also tips on bringing your own body back into balance.

So, have a great 2022!

I hope to see you soon!

Click here for some New Year affirmations too!



Denise xx

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