Hey Lovely

How are things?

Actually how’s your relationship?

It seems Covid has given relationships a bit of a battering!

Psychologists and councelors are booked up to 6 months in advance with waiting lists of people that can’t stand each other!

No that’s not true. There is still love there, but there might be a tiny bit of hate and blame sometimes!

If your relationship is a bit rocky, but you know there’s good stuff there underneath it all, you both may simply need an energy tweak!

Usually whatever is going on, ie the issues, is actually not what is going on. Usually there are underlying things there about yourself, (beliefs etc) that are playing out around the obstacles of harmony.

I’ve recently started seeing couples (separately) on the same day and taking out the ‘stress’ and bringing back the harmony and love in their relationship.

Booking 2 sessions each straight up, is key to making this shift.

Click here for more info or to book.

10% off when you pay for the two on the first session.

What have you got to lose? (Well you could lose lots!)

Gosh, but how do you get the other one to come!

(I’ll leave that to you!)

Hope you are well.

Have a great week


Denise x

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