Tuesday night online energy healing 8.00PM

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Cost: $15.00

Duration: 25 minutes (ish)

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“That was awesome” “Excellent session”, “That was great!” “I loved it!”, “That was great Denise thx” “This is just what I needed, can I do another one next week”

“I definitely felt a shift in Tuesday nights session. I was feeling depressed beforehand and cried a little bit during the session. Thanks for the recording. Can’t wait for the next session.”

“OMG Denise , last nights energy healing was amazing. It helped me release some old stuff that I’d been hanging on to and today I feel fantastic.”

“It’s amazing how many people have noticed the difference in me. All in all what a fantastic experience”

“You really are brilliant !”

“My absolute favourite, thankyou!”

“Thank you so much for that beautiful meditation- I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it, particularly the colour visualizations.”

“That singing bowl xx”

“Thanks so much for a truly wonderful session. It was the best one so far for me – I feel very much at peace”

“The meditation was  very healing and nurturing and I felt very relaxed afterwards.”




“Before starting Denise’s online 5 week energy healing transformation, I was feeling, unsure, lacking clarity, doubting myself, worried and anxious. Almost immediately I began to feel more in control, calmer and clearer and able to deal with things quickly when making decisions. I am more open to ‘new things’ or doing things differently and feel empowered, especially at work. I am a secondary school teacher and all of my colleagues have been commenting on how calm I am and what am I doing differently! I love the way I am instantly relaxed when I hear Denise’s voice and so look forward to be guided into clearing the stress from my body. Thanks so much Denise, you have helped change my reality enormously!” Tania


“I have found myself to be more positive, happy and confident after doing Denise’s Online Guided Energy Healing Transformation, which seems to rub off on those that are very close to me.
Grateful is the word I love so much from your 10 minute morning mediation too!
Moving forward I have deleted those that have continued to caused me anger and disappointment in my life, only to focus on where I feel my best.
Thank you,”


“I’m loving the Online Transformation program and the meditations!

Absolutely loved the whole 5 weeks and feel like so many things have shifted. I have been eating well, doing pilates, being more patient and reflective prior to responding to the challenging moments of having at teenage daughter. Feeling good and confident about all things!

It’s amazing how many people have noticed the difference in me. All in all what a fantastic experience

You really are brilliant !”



Back soon!


I’ll start with asking you a question? What in your life, would you like to be different? Is it exactly the way you want? Or do you want to feel more supported, loved, peaceful, content, secure, have better health?

Sometimes with our dis-satisfaction, we carry around some heavy emotions like anger, frustration, guilt, shame, grief, fear and rejection. These emotions are a stress on our body mind and spirit, and if left lingering around for a while, can manifest into physical or emotional issues. Yes illnesses!

Obviously eating well and looking after yourself is key to good health, but a diet of negative emotions and beliefs about ourselves is a major factor to bad health.

My Kinesiology Guided Online Energy Healings help identify the origin of these emotions, so we can reflect, release and re- balance our energy to create harmony to your entire being. I use techniques of  releasing negative emotions and beliefs through guided visualizations, colour and sound vibration from my voice and singing bowl. So come along armed with a few issues!

Our energy healings are done through Zoom which is an online conferencing/webinar platform. They go for about 25-30 mins

You do not have to be seen or heard, you just sit or lie down,  hear me, then relax, reflect, release and re-balance and heal your body, mind and spirit 🙂 It’s amazing! Online energy healing is a great alternative to face to face sessions and are so affordable.

We will be concentrating on the energy centres, the Chakras. There are 7 main Chakras and they all relate to different areas and issues in our lives.


It’s all really easy, you just click on the link.  It’s private and personal, all screens and microphones are off and you are in your own little cocoon!

Being a live guided healing meditation, it is super powerful. At the end of the session, most people feel energized, focused, clear, relaxed and content.

Regular energy balancing, clears energy pathways. When energy is flowing freely our world is effortless! Make it part of your week 🙂



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