I am really pleased with the Kinesiology treatment I have received from Denise.  I was under a dark cloud of depression that had been hanging around for years and while medication kept it manageable I eventually realised that that I was missing out on aspects of life I had forgotten about.  Denise went to work and quickly started to find “issues” that had never been resolved in my life.  I love this modality of using the body’s responses to uncover issues the conscious mind had covered over but not resolved.  Denise uses techniques from traditional Chinese and Indian healing to explain what the underlying healing issues are and then her fantastic collection of flower and bush remedies essences to help dissolve the issues.  I am now on a journey to good emotional health, to re-establish connections with others, and to replace sadness, anxiety, anger, and frustration with happiness, peace, and hopefulness for the future. Gee what more could you ask for?