Are you being too EXTREME?

Hi Lovely

Are you being extreme?

Too much of something? Too little of something?

Too much giving, too much receiving, too much working, too much nurturing, too much thinking, too much controlling, too much loudness, too much quietness, too much eating, too much drinking, too much procrastinating, too much , too much, too much!

If so rein it in!

You’ve heard Eastern Healing talk about Yin and Yang. Well this is it, you’ve gotta have Yin and Yang.

This means balance. Yin – reflecting, receiving, gentleness, resting, peacefulness, Yang – action, doing, expressing, busy, bustling activities.

Your body (and mind and spirit) is happiest when it is in balance.

When you are in balance, energy flows freely and your world is effortless.

How great is that!

Have a good week.

Denise x