Believe in yourself!!!!!!!

Hi Lovelies

I say this with exclamation marks!!! and should put it in capital letters too.

Almost everyone I see, suffers from this affliction! (Not believing in themselves)

I’ll just remind you,

You are valuable, lovable, worthy, enough and the best, purely because you exist!

In Eastern healing, they say existing is enough, being born is enough, being a blob lying in bed is enough! You are enough!

Now, if you do extra special things with your talents, then that’s also great, but not necessary, because existing is enough. You are valuable exactly the way you are!

Ok, so now we’ve got that one sorted in your head, (I am valuable because I exist), then work on complimenting yourself internally, about all your other extra great qualities you have.

I am kind, funny, creative, caring, loud, brave, loyal, I have a job, pay my taxes, raise my children with manners and love and I instill in them the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Oh yes, and I am also a good citizen!

And that’s enough! Or maybe there’s more!

So now that you believe that (“I’m actually pretty good, because I exist and am beneficial to society”), you then look inwards again. Look and SEE YOUR own unique qualities or talents, that no-one else would have in THE WORLD.

It’s not boasting, it’s not showing off, this is internal stuff. This is your ‘knowing’ that I am actually special and important in MY OWN WAY, my own technique!

When you start acknowledging all of these things about yourself, you then start to feel the, hmm,

“I think I actually believe in myself” energy! I believe I am valuable I am enough I am the best at my ‘technique’.

Once you get this FEELGOOD energy flowing, then just sit back, relax and enjoy the abundance show!

Have a good week!


Denise x