Farewell and Hello!

Hi Lovely!

I’m leaving my Melbourne clinic next Tuesday and excited about some new beginnings!

Thank you to all the lovely people who have come to see me over the years, and hopefully I’ll see you again soon.

But I’ll still be here, mainly posting on interesting energy information and techniques, that help you stay aware and conscious, of managing your ‘vibe’, and keeping your body in balance!

But I may see you sooner, at this next event!

I’ll be spending a bit more time down the beach, as I just bought a beach house in Fairhaven, down the South West Coast of Victoria, (in between Anglesea and Lorne). So excited and the ‘vibe’ is amazing!

So I’m running a Guided Sound Energy Healing Meditation Circle there on Saturday 9th September 11.15am (90 mins)

So the plan is, go for a beautiful drive, stop for a coffee, be cleared of any negative energy, then have a lovely lunch and go for a walk on the beach! How cleansing and soulful is that!?

Click the link for more info and to book!


(Limited spaces)

Have a great week!

Denise x