Feeling apathy, stuck, sluggish, same same?

Well get some energy flowing!

The issue with feeling stuck is that you are stuck with negative energy!

How to clear out negative energy!

  1. Sage your house – Burning sage clears negative energy and has anti bacteria/antiseptic qualities.
  2. Wack on a meditation – You need to make an energy circuit break! Even a quick five minutes will change your energy.
  3. Have a salt bath – Use essential oils as well, if you like!
  4. Schedule in some leisure and pleasure. Put it in the diary now! Even just 20 minutes. Your body has a right to have pleasure.
  5. Make some goals. Write a list. What do you want in your life right now?
  6. Have some Kinesiology! Our purpose in life is to find joy. What is blocking it? Why are you feeling NQR (not quite right) at the moment. Your body knows! Find out, re-set and re-balance!

Have a good week!


Denise xx