Hey Lovely

Guilt is a heavy negative emotion, it blocks energy flow.

Fear is a heavy negative emotion, it blocks energy flow

Shame is a heavy emotion, it blocks energy flow

Grief, Lies, Illusion and attachments/bad habits are also heavy, they block energy flow.

When you release this heavy energy from your body, you allow and attract room, for more lighter joyous emotions, like freedom, love, empowerment, hopefulness and optimism!

Try and do some energy work often, such as meditation, kinesiology, reiki, tai chi, chi gong or yoga to stimulate energy flow.

Because when energy is flowing freely, you are in balance and your world is EFFORTLESS!

If you have time this weekend pop down and get lighter!

3 spots left!

Have a coffee, have a walk, have some lunch and re-balance your body, mind and your SPIRIT!

What: Guided Sound Energy Healing Meditation Circle

Where: Fairhaven, (Near Anglesea, Surfcoast Victoria)

When: Sat 9th September

Time: 11.15am -12.30pm




Any questions email