Have you got a ‘stress’ that you can’t shake?

Hey Lovely

So, anything irritating or stressing you lately?

A goal you can’t achieve? A situation or person that bothers you?

Ok, try this. Go and sit by yourself in a comfortable space.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Think about your issue. How does it make you feel? Sink into the feeling.

What is the negative belief you have around this issue?

I’m stuck, I’m not supported, I’m not valued, I don’t support myself, I don’t value myself.

What is the belief? Have you had this belief before, when you were younger?

Take a deep breath.

Sit quietly with those thoughts and feelings. Let the energy around them dissipate and then release.

Take another deep breath.

Then go about your day and see what unfolds.

Making an energy break like this, helps start some new momentum!

If you can;t shift it yourself, I’m always here to help!


Have a good week!

Denise x