Have you learnt anything lately?

Hey gorgeous one!

 Have you learnt anything lately? 

Whenever there’s a ‘challenge’ in front of us, there is always, always, always a lesson connected.

Those people that are pissing you off, that situation that never changes, things that don’t work out, don’t work out again, these instances are ALL TRYING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING!

And if you don’t get it, the universe keeps throwing it at you, till you do!

These are lessons. So make yourself ‘get it’! 🙁

Whether it’s learning patience, knowing your worth, setting boundaries, understanding others, calming the F down, compassion (for self or others), courage or learning to appreciate and just be, these lessons are there to bring you back to your original state, which is to be calm peaceful and content.

I learnt a few lessons myself over the summer break, holidaying close with others. 

I learnt the POWER OF RESPONDING NOT REACTING! This was my lesson. To learn to respond, not react (like a pork chop!)

OMG so good!

So what I do now is, in an irritating situation, I pause, I say “ah huh, ah huh, ok I see, hmm,  ok, love you! ” and remove myself, ‘see you this afternoon, or tomorrow or in 3 days!’

Instead of blurting or reacting, I started to respond with my actions, by withdrawing my presence. Not in a huffy way, just in an ‘oh well I’m off now.’ 

And it has worked! I feel liberated lol! 

There’s less pork chop of them and me. 

It’s kind of like resetting your boundaries without having to say all the bla bla bla reasoning, explaining unpleasant behaviour stuff, that you say all the time. 

If it can’t be resolved with communication in that heightened time, 

just remove yourself JOYFULY and communicate later. (This is the important bit, there does need to be, calm communication later)

Anyway that’s me, one lesson ticked off! I’m a responder now. (Still perfecting it though)

Did you learn any lessons over the summer break?

Or is the universe still sending you more of the same situations?

Let me know!

Have a good week.

Denise x