Is That True?

Hey Lovely, How are you doin’?

Almost every person that I see has negative thoughts and mental chatter going on in their head.

It’s actually physically and mentally exhausting!

And mostly NOT TRUE!

You are actually lying to yourself. Half truths, mixed messages, lies, misinformation, block the energy pathway around your throat!

Conversations we have in our mind with people we haven’t even met yet, over analyzing situations before they happen, telling yourself you are an idiot, ugly, a failure, not good enough, are actually


Whenever you notice yourself over thinking, over analyzing or saying mean things to yourself, immediately STOP and ask but IS THAT TRUE?

Am I really and idiot, ugly, a failure? AHH no!

Will I really die or will my life be ruined or will something bad happen to my loved ones?

IS THAT TRUE? AHH 99.9999999 % probably NOT!

Overthinking and negative thinking are generally lies and are NOT TRUE!

Remember, what you think, may become your REALITY!

So nip it in the bud!

Respond to your thoughts by stopping, noticing, pausing and asking BUT IS THAT TRUE?

This squashes that chatter IMMEDIATELY!

Then think of something that makes you feel good, like puppies!

Here I am with one of our new puppies from our farm. (We own an egg farm and have Mareema dogs minding the chooks.) Our dog Missy just had 10 puppies! LOOOOOOVE

Have a good week!

Love Denise x