Is your energy sluggish?

Hi Lovely

Have you got sluggish energy?

Ie can’t be bothered energy, procrastination energy, overwhelm energy, don’t know where to start energy?

You want to take some action or re-set some boundaries for yourself but umm, would love someone to wave the wand to give you the energy, so you can actually activate the energy to change your energy!

Maybe it would be easier if we all lived where the sun shone all day and the air is warm. Yes the blue sky and sun motivates me!

Anyway, not always possible or necessary to permanently shift locations, to shift some energy!

The following easy, no effort activities can help with lifting vitality!

Have salt baths 2-3 times a week

Sage your house (and yourself) once or twice a week

Sit and listen to some white noise (clothes dryer, air con, wave crashing sounds) while you meditate on nothing for 15 mins, every day

Day dream daily for 5 mins on a favorite place or location that you love

Take your shoes off and walk on the grass

Lay on the ground and gaze at the sky (night or day)

Go for a walk and notice and be mindful of things, ie “there’s a lovely rose, there’s a bug on a leaf, there’s a four leaf clover!”

Google holidays and imagine being there!

Better still book the holiday and get excited!

Another thing you can do is to accept ‘what is’, because whatever is happening, is meant to be happening.

Go with the flow.

and be open to


Let me know if you need an extra push!

Have a great week.

Denise x