Manifesting – attract what you want!

Hey Loves!

As you know the world is made of energy and we are made of energy.

So when people come in to see me with an ‘issue’, it’s basically about, making an energy shift in their ‘body’. Shifting some kind of block, that is stopping them from having what they want, ie good health, success, abundance etc!

So why am I stuck, anxious, sick, nervous, unhealthy, unlucky or can’t seem to attract what I want?

There could be the obvious things, diet, exercise, stresses, genes, culture etc but mainly it’s YOUR ENERGY (Well actually, all of these things are energy too!)

But it starts with your thoughts. Negative thought energy, is the major culprit, followed by the negative feelings, that thought energy creates.

So things that BLOCK OUR ENERGY FLOW and stop us from MANIFESTING WHAT WE WANT, IE (good health, success, abundance) are our NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, BELIEFS AND EMOTIONS! These are the blocks, causing our issues!

So clear your energy by clearing your thoughts!

So let’s allow our bodies to start attracting all the good stuff we desire, by noticing our thoughts and then DELIBERATELY changing them to thoughts that make us feel good.

When we are are ‘vibing’ with these FEEL GOOD THOUGHTS, we start to shift our own energy to ATTRACT what we want. Good health, success and abundance!

So take a deep breath, notice your thoughts, if it’s not a good feeling thought, then quickly think of a feel good situation for yourself.

And then take another deep breath!

See how you go!

Have a great week!

Denise x