Manifesting what you want

Hey Lovely!

How are things?

As you know Kinesiology works with the energy in your body. It works to pinpoint why you are attracting a stress in your life and then CLEARS energy pathways so the body can work at its potential.

So yes you read that right, you are attracting that stress in your life!

I’m sorry to say, but we attract everything! Well the good things are good, but the not so good are ANNOYING!

So we attract the stuff in our life because we are energetic beings and our world is energetic. We are intertwined with the Law of Energy, of like attracts like.

So thought energy and feeling energy vibrate at a certain frequency. If we are thinking and feeling, “I’m not valued, I’m not valued, I’m not valued” (because our reality actually shows us that we aren’t valued) then you will ‘attract’ (with your frequency, your signal) more situations where you feel “I’m not valued, not valued, not valued”.


This is a bit hard to do at first (because of your reality of not being valued).

But what you want your new belief to be is :-

I am valued, I will be valued, I am bloody well valued!!

This is what your body wants! Start thinking it, saying it, and subconsciously believing it.

YOU can shift this ‘value issue’ yourself!

Start writing down some simple goals or beliefs that you know would benefit you, in your life.

I have found that the most personal common beliefs that all bodies would like to have are:-

I am supported, I am valued, I am enough, I belong, I am loved.

Choose a couple of these and say them every night for 3 weeks and see what you attract!

Once you’ve done these basics, then you’re ready for more specific manifesting goals!


Denise x