Stand up straight!

Hey Lovely

The old ‘stand up straight’ advice given by our grandmothers wasn’t just an annoying comment!

When you stand up straight, your spine is in perfect harmony for centering your weight over your feet, which helps with balance and works your core muscles, while you are moving around, living your life.

Chiropractors or physios would say, having the spine in alignment helps the nerves and blood vessels (going from the spine to each organ and body part), work at their optimum.

Energy people, like me, would say having the spine in alignment, opens up your energy centres from the top of your head down to your feet, so the energy can flow freely through your body, keeping you energetically in balance.

(And remember when you are in balance, your world is effortless!)

I also think, people who stand up straight, look even younger than they actually are!

Have you ever seen an old ballerina? They look fabulous! Especially their faces. (Perhaps standing up straight works the muscles in your neck and face!)

So, make a point of STANDING UP STRAIGHT, to help your organs function properly, work your muscles and align your energy.

Really become aware of “shoulders back, chest out, chin parallel to the ground and pelvis under”.

Then lock that in for your day.

Besides all those fabulous reasons, you’ll appear more confident and sure of yourself, and that in turn will make you feel good about yourself, which then creates a high ‘vibe’ around you, which then helps you to attract more good things in your life!!

Which is what we ultimately want!

Standing up straight is such an easy win, win thing to do!

Have a tall week!


Denise x