Strong body Strong mind!

I’ve see this slogan a few times in different places!

At the gym, on yoga mats, on the front cover of books.

So is it strong body first then comes about the strong mind? Or Strong mind brings the determination to have a strong body?

Hmm, I think to have either you have to have awareness. To notice what you are doing, to notice what you are not doing. To notice what you do like, to notice what you don’t like. To become aware of what is good for you, to be aware of what is not good for you. To acknowledge where my stress or triggers originally come from, to acknowledge how I’m transferring them to my current life.

Once you become AWARE, you become a bit more in tune with yourself. You decide what you do want and you decide what you don’t want. You begin to set boundaries and goals for yourself. Then you set boundaries with others.

To become more AWARE, a bit of YIN activity is needed. Some sitting in silence or with quiet sounds/music/white noise in the background, then lots of pausing and about 3 sighs will do it.

I do this YIN activity every day. I sit with myself for 10 minutes. I know my body likes it because I sleep better that night when I do this! Now I’m addicted to sitting quietly, because SLEEP is the ultimate energy break for your body!

So I now I think, Empty Mind, Strong Body!

Have a peaceful week!

Denise x