The Magical Power of Energy

Hey Gorgeous People!

How are you all going with the busy busy of Christmas?!

I just have a funny kinesiology session story to tell you!

I had a mother bring in her four year old daughter on Tuesday, as she was concerned she had a bit of anxiety and showing some stressful behaviour.

So, the little girl had been refusing to wear socks for the past 2 months. Just refused to, and was really distressed, having meltdowns etc, when asked to put them on. So wouldn’t and didn’t!

Gosh, so where do we start?!!

Hmm, so I’m thinkin’ what happened 2 months ago to trigger this stressful socks situation?

Maybe it was mum having a new baby (born 7 weeks ago), maybe something at kinder? But anyway we just had to take the ‘stress’ out of the thought of wearing socks!

So I did my usual stuff, sound therapy – singing bowls, tuning forks, quintessences (they smell like oils) and held acupressure points. (All of these techniques stimulate energy flow.)

We found also, there was a bit of fear and uncertainty coming from somewhere, so I just mentioned that everything will be alright, everything will all work out.

By the end of it, I thought, gosh did that even work lol, as she wasn’t speaking/telling me anything!

ANYWAY later that day, the mother messaged me and said, omg, as soon as they got in the car, the little girl wanted to go and buy new socks!!!

What the hell! So soon? How fabulous! 🙂

I’m still chuckling myself.

(Mum sent me a video of her daughter singing, while she’s putting on the socks!)

So there you go! The power of energy healing. Just remove the stress from the body. Simple!

Have a great week.

Denise x