The words you choose are important!

Hey Lovely

How are you going?

As I fed the dog this morning, I scooped out his food from the dog food bag, then I added a scoop of powder, from another small bag, (for his arthritis) into the bowl. Then I put the tiny arthritis scoop back into the dog food bag and the dog food scoop back in the …… Omg! what are you doing? The scoops aren’t even the same size.

But before I called myself an idiot, I quickly stopped and said ‘I have a well functioning brain and I remember everything!

You see, if I had of said what I was thinking, OMG you’re a dumbhead, that would have dragged my vibe way down low.

Our bodies don’t want to hear ourselves saying those negative things!

It takes us from way up here (high) to way down low, there.

This is hard to do, as you know! Not to call yourself an idiot or stupid or dumb-head, when you do something by accident.

When you say I’m an idiot, or stupid or ‘typical me’, you WILL ATTRACT MORE SITUATIONS OF WHAT YOU JUST SAID. You will attract more instances where you feel like an idiot or stupid or ‘typical’, because that’s what you said.

It’s better to say WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE LIKE instead! (So your energy attracts those situations)


Those are my mantras lol

Have a great week!

Denise x