Think of something that makes you feel good!

Hey! How are you doing?

Quick, what are you thinking about right now?

If it’s a good thought and makes you feel good, winner winner, vibing up high!

If it’s not, quickly change it to something that makes you feel good, just for a moment.

Eg, beautiful blue sky, warm sun, hot shower, favorite holiday place.

By thinking about things that make us feel good, more often, keeps our vibration, our vibe up high!

And when we feel good, our energy attracts MORE GOOD VIBE EXPERIENCES.

Now I know situations happen through out the day that can produce negative feelings and thoughts , (these drag you down), so quickly acknowledge those thoughts with a ‘yes I hear you’, AND then swiftly, LIFT yourself back up high, with a THOUGHT THAT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD.

If you can be MINDFUL of balancing out your THOUGHT ENERGY, so that the DOMINANT VIBRATION of your thoughts is POSITIVE, you can guarantee that you will be attracting MORE good things in your life, more often!

Here’s a pic of my ‘go to’ good feeling (our pups) that I visualize to help DOMINATE my vibe!

Have a great week!

Denise x