This list gold!

Hi Lovely

How are you feeling?

It’s all about feelings! What you are feeling is what you are vibrating or resonating out and in from your body. The good feelings are great. The negative ones are also great as they are showing you contrast of what you don’t want (so therefore knowing what you do want!) Noticing the negative emotions, helps guide you into wanting to ‘flip’ the situation (find a solution/make a change) so you can get back into those high vibe good feelings.

Your feelings are also related to certain, organs and energy pathways. The good, positive feelings help to nourish and nurture your body and spirit, obviously! The negative ones (if held on for too long) can block energy pathways and NOT nourish your body and spirit, ie getting run down, becoming ill or feeling stuck!

So how are you really feeling?!

Joyful, empowered, free, loved, loving, appreciative, passionate, eager, happy, positive, optimistic, hopeful, contented?


bored, pessimistic, frustrated, irritated impatient, overwhelmed, doubtful, worried, discouraged, angry, jealous, insecure, guilty, unworthy, fearful, grieving, depressed, powerless?

It’s great to LABEL emotions, i.e. pinpoint exactly how you REALLY are feeling!

Even labeling a feeling CAN MAKE AN ENERGY SHIFT.

Labeling can make you think, “omg am I really feeling jealous or unworthy?”

‘Let me shake myself up and do something that makes me feel good, passionate and bloody interesting then!’

The above emotions come from a ‘Scale of Emotions’ list, download it here and pin it on the fridge! 🙂

It’s so useful and can help shift/change a ‘mood’ or your energy in an instant.

Have a great week!

Denise x