Hi Lovely

Sorry to say, but you are in charge of your trigger!

I know it’s the fault of the other person, place, animal or thing, you’re actually correct with that!

It should not of happened or be happening.

But the thing is, it happened and may continue to happen, so the only thing you can do is clear the, grrrhhh feeling around it that it gives you.

OMG how do you get rid of that feeling!!

That feeling that grinds at you. It’s infuriating!

So here’s what you do.

1. Observe yourself.

What is it that you’re feeling? Sadness, anger, fear, grief, resentment?

Then if you can, remove, physically, yourself from that situation, that space. Just leave for that moment. You don’t have to remain in that energy. You have free will. Come back when the energy has changed. You don’t have to stay there. Don’t make a scene. You are an adult now, you are able to choose. And take a deep breath! Do this every single time the trigger happens.

Also if the trigger is with a person you are close to, (and you feel safe to say this) say ‘this ‘situation’ is triggering me and it upsets me, I love you but I am going to remove myself for a minute and come back when the energy is more joyous.’ (The situation doesn’t DESERVE to have your beautiful presence around).

Again, no need for a scene, this is peaceful and you are in charge of your reaction.

And take a deep breath.

2. Observe the energy of the person/situation

What’s going on with them?

Something is probably triggering them, but it’s their trigger, it’s got nothing to do with you!

Removing yourself from a ‘bad energy’ situation is important.

And making a statement like I’m coming back when the energy is more joyous or lighter, sets a boundary.

Of course the best scenario would be if you could hash it out and communicate about the issue.

But by doing this, (removing yourself peacefully) it’s about being in control of yourself with your trigger. And you choose to make yourself peacefully absent!

So observing the ‘vibe’ of the scenario and taking deep breaths during this experience, go together as a combo!

If you need help with ‘where is this trigger coming from ?’ (it’s never about the current situation) and even the energetic clearing of the feeling (if you can’t yourself), book in for some kinesiology and release this grrrr feeling!

What triggers you?

Have a good week!

Denise x