Whatever you seek, seeks you!

HI Lovely

I love this saying ‘whatever you seek, seeks you! (by Rumi, ancient scholar and poet)

It means if you want it, or desire it, you are meant to have it. It’s seeking you too!

Eastern healing says, our purpose in life is to find joy. That’s it! We do what brings us joy. Whether it be with work, or play or hobbies, humans are wired to seek joy!

This correlates with our feel good feelings. Having feel good feelings directs us to our desires and our joy!

So how’s your joy going?

Sometimes stopping, sitting, reflecting, writing things down, making a list of what you would like to happen in your life, your desires and hopes, helps you to identify what you want, what would bring you joy.


When you do this, you start to get excited and hopeful and these feelings then start the ATTRACTION PROCESS.

So start making some LISTS. Put it out there!

It’s your energertic INHERITANCE. You have a right to your passions and desires.

So I’m off to make some lists!

Have a good week!

Denise x

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