What’s blocking you?

Hey Lovely!

I’m all about empowering and healing yourself!

So what’s blocking those goals you have? Goals to good health, success, abundance?

Doubt, fear, powerlessness, impatience, pessimism, lack of enthusiasm, worry, blame, unworthiness, frustration?

Pick an emotion!

Our negative emotions block our goals.

The best way to clear your body of blocks is to firstly, sit with the emotions you’ve identified, and then secondly, do an energy clearing activity on your body.

Energy clearing activities that you can do yourself are:-

Sound healing – singing bowls/ tuning forks or seek the beach or country for, crashing waves and nature sounds

Acupressure – hold Chinese meridian acupoints

Flower essences – Bach Flowers (rescue remedy), Australian Bush Flowers (emergency essence)

Essential oils or quintessences – scents can stimulate energy flow

Meditation – visualizations also help stimulate energy flow

Give them a go and let me know!

Have a good week.

Denise xx

PS FYI I’m away for 3 weeks after this Tuesday, so book in today if you need some help, there’s 2 spots left!