When you focus on the good the good gets better!

Hi Lovely

This is so true! When you focus on the good, the good gets better!

Whenever something good happens to me, I flush that ‘feel good feeling’ throughout my body with an, ‘Oh, I’m soooo lucky, feeling!’

You all know it, that lucky feeling.

So if you do this more often throughout the day, you will then attract more ‘good feeling’ situations.

This is your energy talking, this is how like attract like works.

Keeping your ‘vibe’ up high, with ‘high vibe’ feelings is the way to attract what you want.

Sometimes, some low vibe feelings and situations come our way, so clear them with some energy work like a meditation.

Either on your own or with a group!

Speaking of groups, my next Guided Sound Energy Healing Meditation Circle (down the beach), is Saturday 14th October!

Book in now https://betterlifekinesiology.com.au/work-with-me

Numbers limited.(free cancellation 48 hrs before)

Here’s two reviews from the last circle.

“Thank you for the sound healing and meditation session this weekend. It was a beautiful, peaceful experience in a welcoming, warm, comfortable environment. The feeling of calm that I felt from the sound healing has helped to ease some relationship stress I have been experiencing. I am looking forward to coming to the next session. Thanks again!! Andrea

“Thank you Denise for your energy healing meditation circle last weekend. The setting was natural, relaxing and had the most perfect ambiance. I loved learning about the properties from the stones and the energy from the singing bowls and tuning forks. I went into the session thinking I was emotionally balanced. However, as well as the initial feeling of total relaxation, I am feeling refreshed and empowered to make some important decisions that have been pending. You really are a one stop shop for one’s mental well-being.” Tania

Have a lucky ‘feel good’ week!


Denise x

“Ps still sorting where I’ll do kinesiology sessions!