YOU are not manifesting!

Hi Lovely!

So your ENERGY manifests the stuff in your life.

The ENVIRONMENT you provide for your manifestation to appear (your ENERGY), is doing the manifesting.

YOU create the environment first.

Being energetically IN BALANCE is the environment that attracts the good stuff, being out of balance creates the not so good stuff.

So it’s your thoughts and feelings that create your energetic environment!

When your body is IN balance, energetically, you can’t but help attract the good stuff, ie your goals and dreams.

Clearing negative emotions and clearing negative beliefs about yourself is also key to being in balance.

Activities that clear negative emotions and change your energy are



tai chi

chi gong



sound energy work/singing bowls tuning forks




immersing yourself in nature/beach/country/rainforests/waterfalls!

You can also change your own energy by PURPOSEFULLY and CONSCIOUSLY, trying to think of things that make you feel good, the majority of the day.

Even when there’s difficult situations or events happening in your life, still try it. Say to yourself, ‘ok well that annoying thing is happening, but god I love my dogs!’ Or ‘gosh I love the beach!’

Swap your bad feelings with a good feeling in the moment.

Of course you go back and deal with the difficult event, but then consciously flick the switch and flood your body again with thoughts about things that make you feel good!

This keeps you in balance, so you can keep your energetic environment attracting the good stuff in your life!

Try it and observe what happens. See if you notice more positive than negative things manifesting in your week!


Denise x