You can balance yourself!

Hi there! How are you going?

I’m a big believer in balancing yourself.

You CAN balance or change your energy yourself, of course you can! We are designed that way.

You just have to ALLOW yourself the time to do it!

So try this!

Sit quietly by yourself for 10 minutes.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Ask yourself this. What or who is causing the most stress/bother in my life right now?

Be honest. It’s ok, it’s just what it is.

What is the feeling you feel when you think about the situation?

Take a deep breath

How would you like the scenario to play out?

You may have to change your behaviour or reset boundaries.

You may like to ask the universe or a divine source for help.

I simply say, “Can you sort that out, THANKS!”

What words could you say to yourself that can remind you of WHAT YOU DO WANT in this stress situation? Make I statements!

Eg I am supported, (I will be bloody well supported, in that tone!) I am valued, I value myself, I allow myself to have what I want etc

Take a deep breath

Now imagine a bright light coming through the clouds (of a colour of your choice) and flowing over you like a waterfall.

Feel the light flowing over your body, head, shoulders, back, arms, chest, stomach, legs and feet.

And take a deep breath.

Open your eyes. How do you feel?

You might like to listen to a little mediation or sit quietly for a moment or do anything extra that you know you like to do (light a candle, use some oracle cards, listen to sound)

Later on, see if you notice any small changes in yourself and others.

If you need extra help, I am here!

Have a lovely week!

Denise x