Five Step Mind and Body Transformation – Starts 8th May 2021 for 4-5 weeks.

Is your mind always ‘busy’ with chatter and negative talk?

Do you have unwanted negative thoughts and feelings of worry, fear, doubt, grief, anger, resentment, guilt, dis-empowerment, not feeling supported and valued?


Is your mind full of chatter of  ‘why did you do that, you should have done this, you are doing it wrong, you’re an idiot, you should be doing it this way, you’ve done it again, you are a bad person, what’s wrong with you!’


Do you over think, running different scenarios in your head with different situations and people, trying to solve problems that haven’t even occurred yet?

Would you LIKE to have LESS of these unwanted thoughts and instead feel more clearer, calmer, peaceful and content?


Here’s what people are saying about the ‘5 Step Transformation’.

“Before starting Denise’s online 5 Step Mind and Body Transformation, I was feeling, unsure, lacking clarity, doubting myself, worried and anxious. Almost immediately I began to feel more in control, calmer and clearer and able to deal with things quickly when making decisions. I am more open to ‘new things’ or doing things differently and feel empowered, especially at work. Any unwanted thoughts that appear are quickly dissipated AND do not have the debilitating side effects (ie extreme feelings of anxiety) as experienced before.

I am a secondary school teacher and all of my colleagues have been commenting on how calm I am and what am I doing differently! I love the way I am instantly relaxed when I hear Denise’s voice and so look forward to be guided into clearing the stress from my body. Thanks so much Denise, you have helped change my reality enormously!” Tania

“I have found myself to be more positive, happy and confident after doing Denise’s Online 5 Step Transformation, which seems to rub off on those that are very close to me.
Grateful is the word I love so much from your 10 minute morning mediation too!
Moving forward I have deleted those that have continued to caused me anger and disappointment in my life, only to focus on where I feel my best.
Thank you,”

“I’m loving the Online Transformation program! I absolutely loved the whole 5 weeks and feel like so many things have shifted. I have been eating well, doing pilates, being more patient and reflective prior to responding to the challenging moments of having at teenage daughter. Feeling good and confident about all things!

It’s amazing how many people have noticed the difference in me. All in all what a fantastic experience

You really are brilliant !” Di

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For over 12 years I have been helping people clear the stress from their bodies with the  Energy Therapy I specialize in,  Kinesiology. This natural therapy helps clear negative thoughts, mind chatter and negative emotions from the body.

You CAN clear your mind and body of the clutter of unwanted thoughts and  mind ‘chatter’


Let yourself be guided into a mind and body healing experience as you release the thoughts, emotions and stresses from your life through a guided healing session with me, like a guided meditation. You don’t have to do anything except relax and be there. I guide you through with everything.

My 5 Step Transformation is designed to suit your own routine and you choose when to do them and at your own pace. Ideally you would take 4-5 weeks. If you have the time, even less.

So what you get with the 5 Step Mind and Body Healing Transformation

You receive

  • 5  x guided healing  sessions, that clear your MIND and BODY of unwanted thoughts, emotions and stress
  • 2  x ‘morning’ guided  healings, to be done IN BED before you start the day.
  • Extra optional bundle of 7 guided healings  focusing on clearing fear, guilt, shame, grief, lies, illusion and attachments. Choose to do what resonates with you! (Bonus usually $125!)
  • Access to our face book group, where you can check in each day/week with me on how you are going!
  • Optional Q & A Saturday on “why am I attracting this?’ Energetic information and solutions to physical, emotional issues/illnesses of why you are attracting these situations/illnesses etc
  • 1 x extra BONUS FREE Guided Healing on love, forgiveness and compassion.

Everything in the 5 Step Transformation is explained simply and easily.

The cost of this amazing Transformation package is only $250!

Such great value! (5 private consult sessions with me would cost at least $750!)

But if you are quick and join before May 4th, I have a special offer of over $100 off!

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So how did this ‘5 Step Transformation’ come about?

Well as I mentioned I help people clear negative thoughts, emotions and stress from their mind and bodies. I do this through a specialized energy therapy called Kinesiology. This natural therapy concentrates on CLEARING negative thoughts and beliefs, that our MIND and BODY collects and carries around with it, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year!

Too much thought, too much chatter, too much negativity is exhausting. It depletes us of energy, therefore lowering our immune system, therefore creating physical and emotional illnesses. Too much negative thought also creates more negative situations which in turn creates more negative situations. It’s time to STOP! And get off the merry go round. Give your MIND AND BODY A REST. Reset and re-energize! ?

Ok so a bit about me!

For 10 years of my life, BEFORE I was a Kinesiologist, I had these negative thoughts and feelings of worry, fear, doubt, grief, anger, resentment, disempowerment, not feeling supported and valued.

I also had those feelings along with this physical pain in my hips. This pain in my hips, it was like an arthritis feeling. The other stuff (the feelings) I could just ‘put up with’, but the pain in my hips was so noticeable, I went to every medical doctor, health practitioner, natural therapist and alternative medicine practitioner you could think of, but nothing could fix it, nor could they find an answer to what the issue was!

Then I went to a Kinesiologist!. (I’d never heard of kinesiology!) and OMG this changed everything. After 3 visits, my ‘sore hips’ disappeared. I couldn’t believe it! I had, had this, for 10 years! So it was here I discovered the reason behind my physical manifestation.

My ‘sore hips’ were due to all of the other ‘stuff’. Those negative  thoughts and emotions that I was feeling for 10 years. The feelings that I thought ‘I’ll just put up with that’. So that ‘stuff’. But those feelings and thoughts were actually  the cause of my physical issue!  OMG Break through!

So I forgot to mention, that in those 10 years it was a very stressful time for me. I had a young family of 3 small children and my husband had a very demanding business that put pressure on our lives and our relationship.

The link between my negative thoughts and emotions had manifested as a PHYSICAL stress in my body! These thoughts and emotions were THE ‘stress’ to my body!

We all know stress lowers your immune system, (common knowledge) which then leads to illnesses, but wow! So for me, stress eventually irritated my hips, (oh and my life!).

So why am I sharing this?

Well. I’m telling you all this because, I want you to know that change is possible. You don’t have to just ‘put up with’ the, ‘this is just how I’m thinking and feeling, feeling!’ You don’t have to ‘put up with’ some kind of low lying stress (or huge stress) in your life. Your life and emotions can change!! Wow, hope!

So for me, Kinesiology, helped identify, acknowledge and release all of the thoughts, stress and emotions that were happening to me, physically and emotionally! It took the stress OUT of my body.

So, from going to see a Kinesiologist, I became a Kinesiologist! I just had, had ,had, to learn this amazing NATURAL ENERGY THERAPY! So now, everything in my life is GREAT! No throbbing hips, no major stressful emotions filling my body.

I am more productive and happier and getting more of the things that I want in my relationship and in my life.

SO, for the past 12 years of working in clinic, I have been SO lucky and busy helping  many other individuals like me with their physical and emotional issues and helping them take ‘the stress out’ of their bodies!

BUT there’s more to this story than me helping people in clinic as a Kinesiologist, with their mind and body issues!

During the pandemic last year, I discovered a little bit more about our own amazing self  healing ability. So my clinic was closed last year due to COVID and  I HAD to find a way to help my clients acknowledge and release the stress, the thoughts and emotions from their bodies, at home, like we do in a kinesiology session.  How to release the unwanted negative thoughts and feelings that we deal with in life’s situations.

So this is how my 5 Step Guided  Healing Transformation came about! Each week, via zoom, I did a guided energy healing session, where we identified the stresses in our lives along with our thoughts and emotions  then we cleared this stress from the mind and body, at home. This was a huge SUCCESS!

The sessions were SO good and worked SO well, I decided to package them up and let more people know about them. They were too good not to!

So my all new 5 STEP ONLINE MIND AND BODY HEALING TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM was born! OMG so exciting for me and you!

So why this is important now?

Well My 5 Step Online Transformation is such an EASY, INEXPENSIVE, CONVENIENT and PERFECT therapy option, where you are guided into tapping into YOUR body, mind and spirit, AT HOME, reflect and release the THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS AND STRESSES from TODAY and from the PAST, just like in a private session with me.

I love the fact, that YOU are in charge of your own healing reality. You just need a little GUIDANCE! So speaking from me, as a Kinesiologist, you can either get in the car and come and see me in clinic (which is an option!)

BUT just as good, you can CONVENIENTLY and INEXPENSIVELY use MY 5 Step Mind and Body GUIDED ONLINE Transformation sessions at HOME IN YOUR OWN TIME.

Start clearing your mind and body now! Clear your MIND AND BODY OF NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, TALK AND CLUTTER and move towards feeling clearer, peaceful, patient, joyful, more positive and empowered.

All guided healings are  relaxing, releasing and super powerful! It’s all EASY EASY EASY! So join today!

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So just to recap

My 5 Step  Mind and Body  Transformation, Costs $250  to join, but if you register before May 4th you’ll receive a discount of $100 (so it only costs $147.00!)

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Join TODAY. It will be the best thing you have ever done!

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Clear your MIND AND BODY OF NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, TALK AND CLUTTER and move towards feeling clearer, peaceful, patient, joyful, more positive and more empowered.

I’m SO looking forward to helping you TRANSFORM!

 I KNOW this will change your life!

Thanks so much for being here today. And I hope to start working with you soon!


Denise Noonan x








(Disclaimer, please continue to consult your doctor about medical issues. Kinesiology does not diagnose illnesses, we treat the energy in the body.)