2020 what do you want?

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How are you all? I’ve missed you! 🙂

Also welcome to anyone new on my email list, I’m so excited you’re here!


Well here we are in 2020! I can’t believe it. Those numbers, 2020. Such big numbers :0

My youngest child started his final year at school this year and I remember when he started in year 7, we were told their year 12 year would be 2020. It was sooo far away then. But omg here we are!


So, what’s going on with you? What would you like to clear? What do you want for yourself for 2020?


There are a lot of energy healing therapies out there at the moment but here is what kinesiology does that is unique.

As I told a new interested person the other day,

‘I have kinesiology myself, when I want to change my energy, when I want to attract different things to my life, or if I’m sick, or have an issue, or an underlying stress/irritation that I need to get rid of.’

Kinesiology finds out why things are happening to you and where your problem/issue comes from. It identifies what negative emotions you are carrying from the  experiences in your life and clears them from your body, using different techniques of acupressure, sound, hands on energy healing or other energy clearing methods.


After kinesiology, people notice subtle changes in themselves and their lives. I recently had these 2 text messages from people.


“Hi Denise, I feel fantastic I’m looking at everything so differently and loving it I feel happy, free and working on the energy part 🤪🤪

Can’t thank you enough and can’t wait to see you in a month cos what my body wants it gets!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Yours sincerely and forever grateful”

“Hi Denise! Oh my gosh, feel so good! I can’t even describe, it’s not like any other session. I keep noticing all these tiny changes in me and my partner and they are all adding up to be much more than just tiny things. Thank you so much for what you do!”
How fabulous is that! Whenever I get these kind of messages I go aww really!? (I mean I know, but I think how lovely is that for them)
If you resonate with any or this info, check in with me, and lets get 2020 started!

Have a good week!



Denise x



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