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Hi Lovely,

How are you going?


I’ve finished our Tuesday night live Energy Healing Meditations for the year!


if you’re going to miss clearing and balancing your energy every Tuesday night, do not worry! I have my Energy Healing Meditations especially recorded and held on my store site.


And I’m having a 50% off ALL my meditations before the end of November!


So have a look to see if any Energy Healings resonate with you (or message me and I can guide you to the right one for you!)  and you can do them in your own time, even at 8.00 tonight!

Click here at to view and use the coupon code ‘DISCOUNT’ for 50% off!


It’s good to keep up a regular practice of re-balancing your energy as you reflect and release the negative experiences/’things’ in your life, to allow room for MORE POSITIVE experiences to come in.

I find at the start of the day, before I get out of bed is a good time to reflect and release, but also at the end of the day too!



Thank you

Denise xx

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