Hi Everyone!

I think we all need more love! Just the feeling of love.


I’ll tell you a little love story. It’s not romantic but it’s omg love feeling love. Love from puppies, puppy love!


My little family have an egg/chicken farm. It’s about 30 minutes from Melbourne, up the Calder Highway.

My husband is up there everyday helping collect, sort and deliver our eggs. We’ve been doing this since half way through last year. It’s been so good. The farm is just alive and things are happening all the time!

And what has been sooo great is that one of our dogs, (we have 5 Mareema Italian sheep dogs to mind the hens) had TEN puppies, 5 weeks ago! And OMG the looooooooove. They are so beautiful. Your heart melts every time you see them.

So I was up the other day doing a bit of work with one of my daughters and after that, we sat for an hour, outside, on a deck chair, in the sun, nursing puppies.OHHHH, I’m just remembering the feeling right now. Omg the love feeling.


After the hour, as we were walking/floating to the car, I felt like I was on Valium or something. So loved up and so relaxed, and the feeling was so beautiful. I kept thinking gosh we must be all starved of love. Even if we aren’t starved of love! The peaceful, silent, restful state I was in. How do you bottle this? Actually I can, I just keep picturing and remembering the feeling. This is why our visualization, imagination and memory skills are so powerful. They can invoke a feeling that you have felt before and you then can sink into that feeling, that memory, when you need it.

So on the topic of love, this Tuesday (yes changed back to Tuesday night!), our Online Energy Healing Guided Meditation, is about love and grief. Focusing on the energy centre the heart chakra, grief is about loss. And we are probably all feeling a bit of loss and grief at the moment, in our world today. Lets look at the loss and then replace it with a Valium love feeling!


If you are unable to join me on Tuesday at 8.00pm, REGISTER ANYWAY and I CAN SEND YOU THE LINK the next day, to rest, restore and re-balance in YOUR OWN TIME!

Click HERE to register and for more details!


Thanks so much,

Love Denise xxxxx

If you want to have a look at our chooks and puppies, just follow crackingeggs.co on instagram!

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