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I thought I’d write a new post about anxiety, as it is so prevalent in our society right now.


Beyond Blue says that 2 million people a year suffer from anxiety.

There are many causes of anxiety and our fast paced, busy, stressed world we live in doesn’t help things either!


Anxiety is the body reflecting the thoughts you are thinking.  They vibrate in the body as fear.

When our head is constantly thinking, thinking, worrying, worrying, doubting, doubting there is no relief in sight.


We humans have a basic  need for certainty.

Certainty that everything will be alright.

When our minds are full of mental chatter, certainty can not fit in.


Kinesiology helps calm the mind, releases the fear and soothes the central nervous system.

It’s amazing! Truely!

When you take the stress out of the body you can function at a greater level.


Have a look here and read some reviews from ‘real’ people who have benefited from kinesiology!

Give me a call or  you could book in here as well!


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