Are you being heard, is anyone listening?

Hey there!


If  no-one is listening to you and you are not being heard, then you have a BLOCK!

Not being heard is sooo common and comes up in nearly every kinesiology session.


Problem : The energy around your throat is blocked. Solution: Clear the block.


How did it come to this?

Well there could be a variety of ways. It could have come from either living in an environment in the past with excessive criticism, situations of mixed messages or half truths, authoritarian parents, don’t talk back, being shut down, your opinion or feelings don’t matter, verbal abuse, family secrets, not encouraged to speak about your thoughts or your day, wanting to vent but feeling bad if you do or think you should put up with it !

So many situations!


There would be beliefs attached to your block, that you formed, too. Beliefs like, I’m not heard, I don’t have a right to be heard, I’m not safe speaking my truth.


We all have a right to speak and be heard. We all have a right to speak our truth. Subconsciously though, sometimes we don’t believe this (because in our reality it rarely happend).


Clearing blocks from past and present allows you to put in place the beliefs and goals YOU want to believe.


“I have a right to speak and be heard”!! Should be your goal!


Change your energy around your throat and watch what happens!













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