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Hello! How’s it going?


Lets face it, relationships are the number one cause of stress in our lives. Oh that’s a bit harsh!

Relationships from the past, relationships from the present, relationships with our mothers, fathers, siblings, children, friends, partners, co-workers, customers, the public, ourselves…… they’re everywhere!


We are an interdependent race, we can’t avoid them. But you CAN make statements and set INTENTIONS of what YOU desire from a relationship.

Intimate close relationships can be the trickiest. Sometimes they are not exactly how we would like them to be. The first step is to make an intention. State what you want.


I’ve put together some intentions/goals/affirmations for you to say everyday.

When you set an intention, it’s saying this is what I desire. They are also good to help you sort out what you do want and what you don’t want!


Goals and intentions work really well when you sink into the feeling and imagine how you would like it to be.

And even better, if you imagine that it is happening right NOW!

Click Relationship goals and affirmations to download!


Have a great week!

Denise x

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