Attachments Cravings Addictions: Things that have power over you!

Well Hello!!!

How have you been?

Everything is looking a bit brighter hey!


This Tuesday night  our Online Energy Healing is focusing on clearing blocks to THINGS THAT HAVE POWER OVER US.

Attachments, cravings, addictions, people, situations. Anything that has power over us in the outside world.

OMG we give away too much of our power to ‘things’. We GIVE AWAY way too much of our energy and invest way TOO MUCH of our energy, on our struggles and stresses. We are making poor investments in ourselves!

Let’s clear the blocks that are fueling our dis-empowerment.

So I’d love you to join with our guided healing meditation this Tuesday 16th June at 8.00pm.


Have a look HERE for some WONDERFUL FEEDBACK and all the details!!!


It’s $20 bucks and is easy, private, relaxing and empowering.

Also, if you can’t make it on the day, I have been sending the recording the next day, that’s a lovely option, and you can experience it in your own time.

(Although I love the LIVE energy healing power of the group vibration) but the recording is still sensational.


Hit reply and let me know if you’re thinking of joining!


Look forward to seeing you soon!


Denise x






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