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Hi Lovely!

Hope you are well!

Just thought I’d re introduce myself on here!

Most of you have probably come to see me before or participated in our sessions, but for any newly added people, Hi!!

As you know I’m Denise and I’m a Kinesiologist.

The first time I personally experienced Kinesiology, I just knew I’d found something special.

I was amazed at everything the Kinesiologist could ‘pick up’ about me from just a few muscle tests. After a session, I felt so much clearer, calmer, more empowered and better!

I was not only fascinated by this natural therapy, I realized it could be life transforming.

That’s when I was called to study Kinesiology myself. I have been a Kinesiologist since 2009.Kinesiology is an energy therapy, which helps take the ‘stress’ out of your body.

The issues, situations or stresses in your life affect your physical and mental health and block you from achieving your goals. I’d so love to help you clear your stress!

Relationships, anxiety and goal setting are my specialty.

3 random facts!

I own an egg farm called Cracking Eggs with my husband. We have 3500 chickens!

I secretly love lying in the sun. Hat on of course!

French champagne is my choice of ‘drink’ (and tea and soda stream water!)

If you haven’t messaged me for ages, I’d love to hear how you’re doing and what you’re up to!

Just hit reply here and let me know!

OMG hopefully we are out of this soon!

Cheers Denise

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