Is something bothering you?

Is something bothering you?

Is something stressing you out or pushing your buttons?

Is something bothering you and  you think, well there is nothing I can do about this situation because it’s always going to be there so I will just have to endure it till it changes.

Stress left to fester can turn into physical symptoms.


Studies have shown that when we are stressed the following happens:

  • Your muscles tense up (muscle pain)
  • Your sugar levels rise (hormonal imbalances, weight gain)
  • Your immune system goes into overdrive (allergies)
  • Over time your immune system has nothing left to fight off colds and viruses (illness and disease)
  • Your thinking is focused on survival necessities only (life decisions compromised no clarity of thought)
  • Your digestion either, switches off to cope (indigestion)
  • Or you body pumps acid into your stomach to speed up digestion (stomach lining is reduced, causing food intolerances and depression (yes 70% of seretonin, which is a ‘happy’ hormone, is created in the stomach)
  • Adrenaline is pumped into your system (anxiety)
  • You are exhausted with adrenal fatigue (low energy)


Kinesiology takes the stress out of your central nervous system. Many people get back to me after a few days and say, “It’s funny, the external stresses are still there but they don’t bother me as much”. After a week or so, the external stresses even start to diminish!

How great is that?  Whatever’s bothering you right now can be changed!

Have a good week!



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