“My career is great, my personal life – not so great!”

Hi there!

Many people tell  me that they seem to  only ever have one great thing happening in their life, such as a business or career, but the rest – relationships, ideal weight, anxiety,  health issues – not so great. They come to the conclusion that maybe they can’t have it all!

Not True! You are meant to have everything you want; well mostly, so the laws of the universe say!

Where did you get the belief  that you can’t have everything you want ? Someone must have told you or maybe you just noticed along the way in your life that “I just never seem to have all the things I desire”

The answer – You need to start self nurturing. It’s not indulgence, it’s vital. Many people in their early lives, lacked some emotional nurturing that was needed.

It’s not too late, you can do it yourself now!

When we begin to nurture ourselves, we start to have more positive feelings. When we have more positive feelings, we start to change our energy to a more positive energy. When we change our energy we change our reality. When we genuinely feel more positive, we attract more of what we want in our lives.

Have a go at some self nurturing techniques. Try to do at least one self nurturing action a day. Kinesiology is also helpful of course, but what makes things move along quicker is taking action and doing a bit of extra work on yourself at home.

Click here for some Self-Nurturing Ideas

Also I am on holidays for a week from      1st-8th July,    so if you need to book in with me before, do so here  or give me a call!


Happy nurturing!

Denise x



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