Be Careful What You Wish For!

Hi there!

How’s it all going?

I always try to be a good ‘focuser’, that is, focusing on what I do want and not what I don’t want.

Having positive thoughts and feelings helps keep your ‘vibration’ up there in order to create more positive in your life.

Having said that sometimes you need to be careful what you wish for!


I know this because 3 weeks ago I ‘did’ my knee. Tore my anterior cruciate ligament. Yes the one that footballers and middle aged women do skiing!

I couldn’t believe it, it wasn’t even a spectacular crash!

I’ll just back track here to how I created this accident.

I was up at the snow with  whinging teenagers who wanted to go home because the weather was so bad. The older one  was checking the bus timetables, ‘why are we here, I have two parties on tonight’, the younger one saying, ‘if she’s going home I’m going home.’

The whining and whinging was driving me mad. If there had of been a bus at 4.00 I would have said yes everyone go home !! (Anyway there was only a bus at 11.45). So more whinging and carry on.

So as I’m skiing behind these whingers, who have abandoned me and gone so far up ahead, I kept thinking ‘surely someone’s going back to Melbourne at 4.00 today, surely we know someone’. I kept trying to think of how  I could help with this situation so people could be happy. I kept trying  to work out a variety of different scenarios in my head.

And then it happened. SNAP!

ME  – I’m going home at 4.oo today!

I twisted and fell  in the blizzardy snow.


Now I don’t believe it happened because of my inattention as I’ve been skiing for a while and I’m not a risky skier. I truely think it was because I was so, so focused on the outcome of changing a bad situation for others.

I was so focused on wanting to  help change the reality. Well it happenend!

Anyway as I was driving home with the two ‘happy to be leaving teenagers’ , I was thinking to myself ‘what is the lesson here?’ There’s always a lesson.

So, I feel the  main lesson here is to not be so intense as to focus on and want to change a situation for others, where you may unintentionally put your own self in a worse situation.

Another lesson I feel, is to let people learn their own lessons. I believe the teenagers were probably supposed to learn a lesson themselves that weekend, of tolerance and acceptance. (Of being in a situation that is not ideal.)  They’ll  now have to learn that another time. (Hope I’m not there that day)


So yes there’s my insight! Be careful what you wish for!

Oh and also don’t get in the way of other peoples life lessons!


Let me know if you need to book in for kinesiology!




PS My leg is feeling better every day, my  focus now is healing quickly!

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