Do you care about what other people think?

Hi there!

How would you like to stop caring about what other people think?

I said this to one woman and she said she would ‘loooooove’ to stop caring!

Many people have this issue of caring what other people think.

Taking into consideration views of others is fair enough, but caring too much about what other people think is mentally EXHAUSTING!

Having approval and being validated is a basic need when we are growing up. Many of us, did not have this need met.  Can you relate to this?

So what is the answer to stop caring about what other people think?

Validate yourself

  • Validate your emotions and thoughts. You have valid reasons for why you think those thoughts or feel those feelings regardless of logic. Your feelings and perceptions are true for you!
  • Acknowledge that you may have a few self esteem issues. Having self doubt is a learned behaviour. Do anything that increases your self worth. eg write a list of things that you approve of yourself.
  • Stop and listen to yourself when you are in a situation where you care about what other people think. What is it that you’re feeling? Need for approval, validation or love? Sit with this feeling (although this could be painful!) Then turn it around by validating yourself.

When you start validating yourself, caring about what other people think, starts to diminish. It’s true!

Have a go at this!


Denise x

(For some extra help let me know)


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