Q: How to Get Freedom? A: Change Your Energy!

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Sometimes we feel that we can’t change our reality, that external situations control our lives and we are at the mercy of our internal feelings from our reactions to those situations.

Well partly true!

BUT what needs to happen first is to change the internal you. The energetic you. Because when you change your energy, then you change your reality.


When you change your energy, you start radiating out different signals to the world, to the universe. And with that, you attract different energy back. So you actually CAN be in control in some way. You can be in control of your own energy.

Things that change or shift energy are (any eastern energetic therapies such as) Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Yoga, Accupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatzu Massage, Meditation and Kinesiology.


(And lately I’ve had the overwhelming feeling to spread the word about mine!)


You see, I was in the bank the other day and I heard the woman in front of me telling the teller how she has really bad anxiety and I felt like butting in saying ‘ oh have you tried kinesiology’?

Then I was in the queue at Coles and the cashier was telling the customer before me how she is so run down and always getting sick and I felt like saying ‘excuse me have you tried kinesiology?’ (I’m a bit of an eavesdropper it seems)


The stress in our lives has everything to do with all of these things and clearing stress from the body, energetically, is the solution!

Have a try at some of these practices and see what suits you, they are all fabulous.


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