Closing down! But blue skies are coming :)

Hi Everyone

How are you all doing right now?

I don’t even know how to write this email with out being morbid, lol not lol 🙂


So our wellness clinic is shutting its doors till further notice, which is sad and I won’t be doing anymore  one on one sessions for a while, I’m so sorry about that!

(My god we are all going to be so grateful for EVERYTHING after this is over. Our freedom, our jobs, education, our health!)


Anyway, I’ve been thinking of ways to support you and myself during this ‘situation’, so I will be doing a series of  online group balances and energy healing. In the comfort of your own home!

Seeing as we are all not allowed to go out 🙁 I thought this would be great for our mental, physical and energetic health!

This is going to be great!


I would so LOVE IT IF YOU could support me with this 🙂


I have done this before with my online course a few years ago, so it’s not new to me and is really a great alternative.


So I will be hosting an online meditation where you restore balance and harmony to your entire being using my kinesiology techniques of  releasing past stress, negative emotions and beliefs through guided visualizations and sound vibration.

This is done through Zoom which is an online conferencing/webinar platform.

You do not have to be seen or heard, you just sit or lie down, see and hear me, then relax, rebalance and heal your body, mind and spirit 🙂

It’s all really easy, you just click on the link when I send out an email inviting you at the time. (None techy people, don’t get scared you just click!)


Please reply to this email just saying YES you MIGHT be interested and then I can get organized. It will be next week some time in the evening or day (dates times etc later)  It goes for less than 40 mins, oh and $20.00!


Blue skies are coming, they are!

Love to all.

Denise x

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