Come for a group energy balance! oh yeah!!

Hi Everyone


I’ve done a few group energy balances over the months and I’m planning to do ONE LAST ONE for the year. So get in quick!

Taking bookings now at eventbrite

Saturday 30th December 11.45-12.45.


When you know what’s bothering you or stressing you out, and you know where its coming from, it’s easy to clear it in a group balance. (Actually even if you don’t know, this can help clear the stress/block too.)


Things that you need an energy balance for are

  • You desire something (a goal) and you can’t get it
  • You get sick all the time
  • Things aren’t running smoothly in your life
  • Negative things keep happening to you
  • Something is bothering, irritating or frustrating you
  • You are cranky all the time
  • You need a balance around stressful relatives at Christmas
  • You want to start 2020 with a clean slate feeling


I run this balance with you lying down on mats in the yoga studio with a guided visualization/meditation by me, using my kinesiology techniques of sound vibration, tuning forks and singing bowls, colour and essences. It is relaxing, clearing and healing 🙂


Just for the new people, I’m all about changing your energy so your reality changes. You create your reality.

Whatever is happening in your life, you are attracting it, good or bad. That could be empowering or could be scary!


Changing your own energy, changing your vibration (the signals your body is sending out) is the key to balancing out your body, clearing the stress (the irritations and frustrations) and then attracting the good stuff.


Anyway love to see you, so book in with me here! at eventbrite

If this session becomes full I may do another one that day.


Denise x





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